About Us

Our Philosophy

IncTANK Ventures is a seed stage investor that takes an active role in mentoring and supporting early stage ventures. We work alongside entrepreneurs, researchers, and universities to reduce risk and increase value, often providing a company's first outside capital. Our venture professionals understand the challenges of bringing innovations from the laboratory to the market. This partnership philosophy has resulted in early stage investments that have gone on to attract capital from top tier co-investors, such as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Ferrer Freeman & Co.

Our Focus

IncTANK Ventures invests in Boston area technology ventures emerging from premier universities and research institutions with talented technical teams, defensible intellectual property, and compelling market opportunities. Rather than focusing on one specific technology sector or industry, we find that there are compelling opportunities derived from a cross- disciplinary approach amongst the applied sciences including:

  • biotechnology and life sciences
  • materials science
  • computational science

IncTANK looks for opportunities at the seed stage where our experience, insight, and expertise are as valuable as our capital. Consistent with our early stage focus, incTANK provides the appropriate scale of investment with active support to grow a company toward success. Seed investments range from $50,000 to $500,000,. As a venture matures, we work with later stage investors that have particular competencies or strategic value in the venture's technology or industry.

Our History

IncTANK Ventures was founded in 1999 as an angel investor focused on university-sourced technology startups with core intellectual property assets.