Medical Devices, Diabetes, Digital Signal Processing

Next generation blood glucose monitors. Higher accuracy, no coding, and lower costs enabled through digital signal processing technology.

Salem, NH


Agricultural Biotechnology, Cellulosic Ethanol, Plant Biology

Proprietary plant varieties optimized for producing sugars from cellulosic biomass such as corn stover, sugar cane, and switchgrass.

Medford, MA


Creating The Next Generation Of Cancer Therapeutics And Diagnostics

BiomaRx is a seed-stage venture developing a non-invasive early stage diagnostic for pancreatic cancer.

Cambridge, MA

Misfit Wearables

mHealth Consumer Products, Data Science

A wireless physical activity tracker.

San Francisco, CA and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Research/Education, Molecular Simulation, Computational Algorithms

Advanced technology for molecular research, training & education.

Cambridge, MA

Proteus Discovery

Computational Drug Discovery, Neurodegenative Diseases

Boston, MA


Information Technology, Transportation, Parking Sensor Networks

Wireless information networks for private and municipal parking organizations.

Cambridge, MA