WaveSense Jazz Meter Raises the Bar for Blood Glucose Testing

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
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  Free WaveSense™  Jazz Meter at Diabetic Care Services Raises the Bar for Blood Glucose Testing. (PRNewsFoto/Diabetic Care Services)


CLEVELAND,O.H., Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ –Found exclusively online at and, the new WaveSense Jazz™  blood glucose meter offers revolutionary glycemic variability tracking and high accuracy results. For a limited time, this diabetes management tool is being offered free to first-time Medicare or insurance-eligible purchases of 100 blood glucose test strips.

This innovative blood glucose meter uses WaveSense™ , a new technology that personalizes each test to provide about double the accuracy as the industry standard by detecting and correcting errors caused by differences in blood samples and environmental conditions. In addition, it’s the only meter on the market to calculate glucose variability, which many experts believe to be a better indicator of control than A1C testing.

Adrienne Lumb, a 26-year-old Cleveland, Ohio resident believes the blood glucose meter is the best she’s ever used.

“As a runner with type 1 diabetes, accurate blood sugar results are important to me. Even minor changes can make the difference as to whether or not I can run that extra mile,” says Lumb. “The Jazz meter has the lowest range of error I’ve seen in a meter, positively impacting my performance, plus it’s durable and convenient, too.”

Other features include:

  • No coding
  • Two methods to calculate glycemic variability
  • Positive feedback pre and post-meal based on customizable ranges
  • Meal tagging and trend graphing
  • Small blood sample (0.5 microliters)
  • Results as fast as five seconds
  • PC connection through a USB port
  • Storage of nearly 2,000 readings

“We are pleased to be able to offer the Jazz meter,” says Marc Wolf, CEO of Care Services, Inc. “Our goal is to support people with their diabetes management by offering innovative diabetic testing supplies, like the Jazz meter, as well as a wealth of helpful diabetes information.”

Dave Conn, Chief Commercial Officer of AgaMatrix, the makers of WaveSense™  meters and strips, adds, “Since the Jazz debut, the reaction from HCP’s, users and the blogging community has been positive. Because the meter was designed for better control of diabetes, we are thrilled that most patients will have access to this product, whether they have private insurance, government insurance or no insurance.”

About WaveSense™ :

WaveSense™  is a line of products designed to improve the quality of diabetes care by using a new technology that personalizes each test to provide world class accuracy. It detects and corrects for many errors caused by differences in blood samples and environmental conditions. The company also makes Zero-Click™ , a diabetes data management system designed to simplify data download. Together there are six FDA-cleared products protected by a suite of more than 102 patents worldwide.

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